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Selling Or Buying A Small Business

At the law office of Lifka & Lifka, P.C., Attorneys at Law, in Downers Grove, Illinois, we protect the interests of individuals and businesses by consistently delivering thorough and comprehensive counsel. We provide the tools you need to make informed legal decisions. Our dedication to quality work and customer service has inspired existing clients and other professionals to refer new clients to our firm. We are attorneys in the Chicago metro area with more than 50 years of experience. Contact our office at 630-427-4735 to set up an appointment.

Handling Business Transactions

Many people are not aware of how much is involved in the purchase or sale of a business. If you are considering purchasing or selling a small business, it’s vital that you understand all of the required elements and the potential risks. Our lawyers will protect your interests. We provide counsel and representation at every step of the way — everything from negotiating the terms of the transaction to the closing of the sale. Our firm is focused on making sure you get what you need to meet your objectives. If this is your first experience as an entrepreneur or small-business owner, we will take the time to explain the legal advantages and potential risks of each decision. We have experience representing either the buyer or the seller, as well as managing the upfront negotiations and coordinating all of the agreements, including the purchase agreement, security agreements, confidentiality and employment agreements.

Call The Experienced Business Contract Attorneys

From our offices in Downers Grove, Lifka & Lifka, P.C., represents clients throughout the Chicago, Illinois, metro area. Contact us at 630-427-4735 to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Downers Grove attorneys for selling or buying a small business. Evening, weekend and off-site consultations are arranged by special request.